ZSFG Health Advocates Program

What do we do?

The Health Advocates are student and community volunteers who conduct standardized social and legal needs screening with families seen in our clinics.
Where can you find us?

Program staff are available Mondays through Fridays in the ZSFG Children’s Health Clinic and Women’s Health Center on Thursday afternoons in the Family Health Center.
Since launching the program in 2013 at ZSFG, the Health Advocates program has trained over 130 volunteers and served over 3500 families who otherwise might never have been had assistance with social needs during their visits to the hospital.

What is the ZSFG Health Advocates Program? 

The ZSFG Health Advocates program improves the community's experience of care by training student and community volunteers to conduct standardized social and legal needs screening with families from our clinics.

Our trained Advocates then use resource algorithms and on-line resources to connect families with existing benefits programs (like CalFresh) or external community organizations (like food pantries and workforce development centers.) When volunteers encounter more complex issues--like family mental health issues or complicated legal challenges--they connect families with clinical social workers and/or lawyers who can provide additional professional advice and support.